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Typically, walking past the plastic curtains in a restaurant called “The Mad Butcher” falls squarely under the category of asking questions you don’t want the answer to. But not at this Wynwood BBQ joint, where in addition to boasting the best beef ribs in Miami they also offer a swanky backroom bar hidden behind said curtains and a fake (we hope) side of beef. Once you’ve passed the beefy bouncer you’ll be in a classic mirrors-and-champagne lounge, where you’ll feel just a little guilty about how many ribs you just took down.
How to book: Show up for first-come, first served seating.

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The basics: Only in Wynwood is the neighborhood’s best barbecue spot better known for its backroom speakeasy. But before you start slurping Champagne at NDA, take some time to appreciate the best beef ribs in the city. These dino-sized monsters are slow-cooked and barely cling on the bone, with a rich, smoky flavor that lingers long after you’ve finished. The brisket is equally as impressive, prepared by owner and pitmaster Coco Coig, who learned the craft from Drinking Pig’s Raheem Seeley.
What the pitmaster says: “We take the ribs out of the smoker when they’re almost like butter—that’s when it’s going to melt in your mouth,” says Coig. “I don’t wrap the beef rib, I just let it get that beautiful bark with the crisps in it. We do the same thing with the brisket—go through the whole process without wrapping—and it’s coming out great.”

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