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The basics: Another Southside favorite, this relative newcomer continues to make a serious play for the area’s top barbecue destination with massive smoked turkey legs, spicy rib tips, bold and juicy sausage links, and crunchy fried chicken wings, all glistening under a blanket of invigoratingly zesty yet expertly balanced house-made sauce. And don’t sleep on the sides, either—potato salad, creamy slaw, and hand-cut, never-frozen fries drive the whole thing home.
What the experts say: “I see a lot of cooks going away from rigid ‘these are KC style ribs’ or this is ‘true Texas brisket’ and just making delicious smoked meats in a manner that’s true to them and their experience,” Manion explains, basically spelling out Trice’s poultry-savvy prerogative. “The future is bright for Chicago ‘cue.” “I think that we will continue to see chefs getting more and more creative by incorporating the use of local ingredients with traditional cooking techniques,” adds Eckman.
How to book: Stop by for first come, first served seating, call 773-966-5018 or order via Toast for take-out, or order delivery via Uber Eats.

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