The Uptown Fridge

New York

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How to donate: In need of volunteers of all kinds, fill out form. Monetary donations via Venmo, CashApp, or email at
What’s inside: Produce in the fridge, premade meals in the freezer, and non perishables on crate shelf. Meals from La Morada on Wednesdays and Fridays, bread from Orwashers on Thursdays, and USDA boxes are distributed on Saturday.
A note from its operators: “Potential visitors should know they can go to the fridge any day or time to either drop off food donations, labeled homemade meals, non perishable items on the crate shelf, and even essential items such as masks, toiletries, etc. We are in need of volunteers therefore people who want to be involved should reach out. We appreciate every interaction with the fridge and will repost any photo or story that people share with us!”

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