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Who you’ll meet: Athleisure-wearing gym bunnies
This wellness (get it?) wonder incorporates nutrition, local and sustainable farming, and natural flavors in a restaurant and bar. Even the cocktails are ‘better for you,’ using ingredients like cold-pressed organic juices, and natural sweeteners like agave, honey, and dates. The best thing about the downtown location is that it’s right by Barry’s Bootcamp, so you’ll get sweaty, sexy singles showing off the results of their workout. Look out for weekday happy hours—in addition to bulging biceps.
How to book: Reserve via Sevenrooms.

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The Well is a Cali-cool spot stocked with as close to a Zen environment as a restaurant could possibly get. Dishes are centered around top-tier nutrition using local and sustainable ingredients, and everything is gluten-free, soy-free, and refined sugar-free. Meat and fish do appear on the menu, but plants shine and vegan eating reigns supreme. Standouts include Hemp Heart and Chickpea Falafel and Mushroom Mole. To drink, point your compass toward delicious cocktails spiked with cold-pressed organic juices and natural sugars like agave, honey, and dates.
How to book: Reserve via SevenRooms or order take-out via Toast.

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