The West End Community Fridge

New York

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How to donate: Volunteer drivers are especially needed. Learn more here and fill out volunteer form. Monetary donations via Venmo.
What’s inside: Everything from fresh produce and meat to home-baked treats. Thanks to a strong community of home chefs, delicious home-made meals are often available.
A note from its operators: “We have a smaller fridge on the sidewalk, which is open 24/7, and a larger fridge and pantry shelves that are located up the stairs, inside the gates (open weekdays 9 am-5 pm). We are about community—not who is taking, or who is giving. We encourage people to view the community fridge movement as a reimagining of how we can support our neighbors in need. It's about so much more than donating your food or time or money. We encourage people to learn more about mutual aid and engage with these efforts deeply.”

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