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Apr 22

Where to Drink in Portland Right Now

While the irony of new-school Portland bars imitating old-school claptraps in the towns we left behind is impossible to ignore, the comfort and familiarity offered by Tinker Taver more than makes up for the posturing. This is a neighborhood bar in its peak form, with hearty handhelds like beef on weck and an Italian hoagie highlighting the food menu, and a variety of stiff whiskey- and rum-based cocktails alongside local beers on draft to wash it down. Anyone who misses the dimly lit bacchanalia of their nearby watering hole that shuddered due to COVID-19 will find plenty to love here, and the chance of finding a less expensive place to live nearby is certainly a perk as well. 
How to order: Check in at the door for a table, then wait at your spot for table service

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