Tivoli Sour Room

San Francisco

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Take everything you first think of when you think of a “secret bar” (dim lighting, boozy cocktails, cozy booths, etc.), and now imagine the opposite. That’s the Tivoli Sour Room, a cellar room inside of Mikkeller Bar, named after the world’s oldest amusement park in Copenhagen, that looks a lot like Mikkeller’s original bars in the same town. It has a lot of light (for a cellar bar without windows to the outside—though there are a few tiny ones that look into the keg room), communal seating, a whimsical mural, and lambics and sour beers served on tap.
How to get in: Walk to the bar on the main floor and find the staircase on your right. Go downstairs—Tivoli Sour Room will be on your left.

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