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Apr 22

Where to Drink in Portland Right Now

From the slogans on its website to the personality of its late owner Alfredo Climaco, every facet of the Tropicale brand is big, bold, and fun. This is a logical choice given the roots of the “piña colada king" as a roving cocktail stand that competed for dollars and attention at events like the Portland Night Market or the Cathedral Park Jazz festival. Revelers would be seen wandering around sipping fruity drinks out of hollowed-out pineapples, and the legacy of Climaco lives on at Tropicale’s open-air brick-and-mortar spot just a block up Northeast Sandy Boulevard from culinary hot-spots like Providore, Han Oak, and Tails & Trotters. Per the scrolling prompt on their stie Tropicale does not have burritos, but they do have fantastic tacos that are served two at a time and wrapped in house-made organic blue corn tortillas. Paired with Caleco’s legendary daiquiris, coladas, and margaritas, it’s a warm-weather treat that can’t be missed this summer. 
How to order: Queue up at the window and find a spot on-site (or off) to enjoy your food 

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