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Located just off the Hotel Commonwealth lobby, this noodle spot is beloved around the world and is now crafting fresh udon noodles in Beantown for the base for some sensationally savory sukiyaki. The dishes can be dressed up with everything from wagyu to uni cream, blanketed under bonito flakes and kombu kelp. In addition to the namesake fare, you can also choose from a wide selection of freshly-rolled sushi and sashimi. The Hotel Commonwealth, for its part, is also a baseball lover’s dream destination. It now features the Fenway Park Suite, an overnight option with a 700-square-foot balcony peering directly down over the outfield so guests can watch the game from the comfort of their own room. Upon check-in, you’ll also be afforded a baseball glove to catch fly balls along with a bag of dirt from the famed field.

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