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Uchi’s big name is matched by its quality eats and, while never cheap, is definitely a good spot to drop some cash. Miami got hit with more new omakase spots in 2021 than we did named storms. But the leader of the tasting-menu pack is this Texas transplant, boasting the best selection of sushi in the city. If you’d rather skip the omakase and order for yourself, the Hama Chili with Yellowtail will wake up your palate before moving on to the Hot Rock Wagyu Beef and the addictive Sweet Pumpkin Tempura. Every piece of fish here is going to be spectacular, so don’t be afraid to order adventurously—budget allowing, of course.

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This Austin import landed in Wynwood to great fanfare, and unlike so many ballyhooed transplants, Uchi has successfully lived up to the hype. The multi-course omakase menu has become one of the most sought-after meals in the city, but if you’re not looking for an all-night affair, the a la carte offerings are just as satisfying. Uchi also boasts the best cocktail menu of any sushi joint in the city, making it just as great a spot for drinks and light bites as it is for dinner.
How to book: Reserve via OpenTable, order take-out online, or get delivery via Uber Eats.

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