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Hai Hospitality’s Uchi has a little sister, and it's this smoked and charred Japanese kitchen with a yakitori grill at its front and center. Uchiko opened last spring in the new Post Oak Place development, with chef de cuisine Shaun King bringing his impressive experience, from spots like Momofuku Las Vegas and Mina Group’s Ramen Bar, to Houston. While some signature favorites from Uchi crossover (think: Hama Chili and Hotate Crudo), Uchiko is a beast all its own, adding a unique smoke element and experimenting with charring and juicing vegetables. Choose from a menu of Greens, Cool Tastings, Makimono, Hot Tastings, Nigiri, Caviar, and more, with offerings from the Dry Aged Duck with house hoisin and hearth roasted cabbage, fatty Bluefin Tuna Belly, or the Texas Wagyu, seared four times and accompanied by foie au poivre.

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