Umai Ramen

Japanese Restaurant

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Umai Ramen offers traditional ramens as well as their own unique fusion ramen dishes inspired by Korean items like kimchi and kalbi (BBQ beef short ribs). Try a classic ramen with choice of tonkotsu broth, chicken broth, or chef’s special veggie broth and a variety of topping options, or try one of their signature dishes like their BBQ Ramen made with tonkotsu broth and marinated short ribs or their kimchi ramen with tonkotsu broth, ground pork, pork chashu, and kimchi. Their black garlic ramens are also very popular, with three different variations available – one with tonkotsku broth, a veggie broth version, and a mazeman version (no broth with a tonkotsu sauce instead, and made with kale noodles).

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