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The brainchild of Sugarfish co-founders Lele Massimini and Jerry Greenberg, Uovo serves fresh pasta made in Italy—right here in LA. Using special eggs only available in Italy, which helps the noodles take on a distinctively rich flavor and deep yellow color, Uovo’s pasta is flown stateside so that the team can prepare classic dishes along with regional favorites from Rome and Bologna. This well-priced pasta bar executes every dish perfectly—like Spicy Tonnarelli Arrabiata made with exclusively imported tomatoes from Basilicata and its signature Tagliatelle al Ragu, made without cheese, milk, or cream. Since opening, Uovo has also launched tasting menus for two ranging from $34 to $37 per person, where you can nibble on several pastas with either yellowtail crudo or 100% grass-fed Wagyu Beef Tartare from First Light to start and Tiramisu for dessert.
How to book: Dining is walk-in only.

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