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Seasonal and local ingredients are in the spotlight at this adventurous spot, and a panoply of flavor options result. Beyond beer, Urban Farm also brews kombucha, cider, mead, and a fermented green tea called jun. In all drinks, expect to taste traces of those ingredients the brewing team has foraged—everything from seaweed and ghost peppers to red beets and turmeric. It’s a stone’s throw from Lone Pine Brewing Company, so plan ahead and hit both. 
The beer you shouldn’t skip: The Chaga Stout perfectly embodies what makes Urban Farm unique—the earthy brew is made with Blue Ox malt and locally foraged Chaga mushrooms. 
COVID-19 protocols: The indoor tasting room is open, serving food and drink Fridays and Saturdays, and outdoor seating is also available all other days (no food is served outside). Curbside pickup and local delivery is offered through online ordering.

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