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A concept by Glu Hospitality (think Figo, Añejo, and Izakaya by Yanaga), Vesper is a swanky reimagination of what was once a Prohibition-era speakeasy and later a gentleman’s dinner club. While the bar in itself is not exclusive, it does hold a little secret for those in-the-know. Delightfully tucked behind a bookcase and down a secret passageway, Vesper’s secret bar is a quiet place to escape the high energy of the main floor. The speakeasy limits the use of cell phones to keep an old-world vibe, so do your best not to document the experience. In addition to the list of standard and seasonal cocktails, the speakeasy has crafted special cocktails around their current resident program, Deceptions. Billed as a “magical night of mystery and illusion,” Deceptions stars Mervant the Deceptionist, a master illusionist who will shock and amaze you (as if the secret passageway wasn't enough).

How to get in: Turn on your charms with the bartenders. If you’re cool, they’ll give you a secret password that unlocks the bookcase and leads to the speakeasy. If not, listen close to the surrounding company. You might hear the password in passing. Say the password into the rotary phone (you’ll know it because it is literally a rotary phone), and the bookcase should open.

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