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The tagline of Vintage Vegas is “Dead people’s junk and cool crap,” and there has probably never been a more honest and accurate description of what a vintage/antique shop really is than that. Vintage Vegas is the heavily tattooed rockabilly cousin to Palm Springs’s mid-century modern antiquing. This store has all the same kind of dead people’s junk and cool crap you’ll find in a lot of other vintage and antique stores, but with a little more of an edge. Think 1980s arcade games, a wide assortment of vintage Star Wars memorabilia, MCM furniture and glassware, vintage board games from ‘60s & ‘70s TV shows, vintage electronics from the ‘50s through the ‘80s (they’re kind of known for this), tiki mugs and other tiki paraphernalia, vintage Vegas casino items, and so much more. They’ve also got the best window displays on Main St., especially during Halloween season and the holidays.

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