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Feb 12

7 Black-Owned Culinary Destinations in Upstate New York

Sina Clark opened her store a week before the pandemic shutdown. The timing wasn’t great, but customers were lining up for blueberry orange scones and cheesy caramelized onion galettes, and after five years on the farmers market circuit and five years of fighting the system to get a loan or a grant (or any type of assistance), Clark continues to be resolute. “Nobody was handing those things out to me as a woman of color. I can’t tell you, as qualified as I was, how many hoops I had to jump through,” says Clark, who ultimately got her bakery going through the generosity of family and friends. “I wish there were more programs that really help people of color looking to start their own company.” Now open Thursday-Sunday, Violet’s Bakery is named after Clark’s eight-year-old daughter, who does remote schooling from the shop three days a week. Clark moved from Park Slope to Saugerties, where she finds people care for her well-being. She pays the feeling forward by providing a platform for other small local businesses, like Catskill Bread Co. and Rough House roasters. “There are like five Black people in Saugerties, but I love this town. I feel more welcomed here than on the Park Slope playground, where parents mistook me for a nanny because my daughter is white passing. They never bothered to talk to me.” 
How to get there: 1 hour, 45 min by car. 2 hours, 40 min by Adirondack Trailways

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