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Los Angeles
Nov 22, 2021

The 12 Most Essential Jewish Delis in LA

Wexler’s founder Micah Wexler has been interested in food forever, literally theming his Bar Mitzvah tables with recipes he had created. He’s used those skills for one of the best lox plates in the city, with other menu highlights including his ode to Langers’ #19, the MacArthur Park sandwich. For Hanukkah, they’re offering a holiday meal that serves four to six people and includes Wexler’s braised holiday brisket with potato latkes, roasted heirloom carrots, Dana’s matzo ball soup, Santa Monica Farmers Market winter salad, and six individual chocolate babka for $295.

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Los Angeles
Nov 24, 2020

11 Soups From Around the World To Try in LA

The dish: Dana matzo ball soup
When you’re in the throes of a terrible flu (or the virus-we-won’t-mention), nothing brings you back to life quite like Wexler’s Deli’s Dana matzo ball soup. For legal reasons, we can’t officially endorse the soup’s miraculous curative qualities, but we can guarantee that the schmaltz and filling matzo balls will leave you feeling nourished.

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