Wild Heaven Beer

Thu5:30 AM - 8:30 PM
Fri5:30 AM - 8:30 PM
Sat2:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sun2:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Wild Heaven Beer

135 Maple St (E College Ave)

Decatur, GA 30030

With “Drink Here” and “To-Go” tours at Decatur’s Wild Heaven Craft Beers, you can stay for as long (or as short) as you’d like at this craft brewery. The entire brewery is sheltered under one impressively constructed wooden roof, whose exposed beams are popsicle-stick narrow. About a quarter of the industrial, bare-bones space is devoted to the tasting room, where you can sample Wild Heaven’s all-grain beers (they leave the adjunct sugars at the door), making for bigger flavors without excess alcohol. However, many of Wild Heaven’s beers are indeed elevated in the alcohol department, so when the barbecue vendor occasionally stops by the brewery, chances are you won’t be able to pass on snacks.