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Aug 6, 2020

Where to Eat in Charleston Right Now

The gist: Technically Workshop isn’t any one thing -- it’s a happy harmonious upscale food court featuring a wide array of Charleston’s best up-and-coming offerings. The rotating cast of tenants bring some much needed ethnic food into Charleston’s culinary scene, and it changes every few months. Currently, you’ll find Merrows Garden Bar, Sushi Wa Izakaya, Chuck & Patty’s, Mansueta’s, and Ma'am Saab.
The food: Make a full round and try to get the best from each station. Our favorites include a burger from Chuck & Patty’s, cocktail from Merrow’s, Lumpia (spring rolls) from Mansueta’s, a sushi set from Sushi Wa Izakaya, and saag paneer from Ma’am Saab for some savory veggies. 
The cost: The cost varies by station, but you can expect $10-20 per entree. 

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