The Best Countries Around the World to Smoke Weed

You’ve surely read our complete guide to legal weed laws in each of these 50 United States of America, but we know you’re also intrigued by the possibility of getting lit in a foreign land. So where are the best places for getting weird around the world? You’ll not want to smoke in, say, France, or Singapore. But there are loads of countries where marijuana has been legalized, decriminalized, or just socially mainstreamed enough that even if you are technically breaking the law a bit, no one will bother you about it. Here follow 26 countries where weed is, if not legal, at least super chill and legal-ish.

north america
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Should you smoke here? Yes
On October 17, 2018, Canada legalized recreational marijuana in full. Growers can get licensed by the federal government, and then individual provinces determine how the product gets distributed and sold. It isn’t heavily advertised though -- the attitude here is that the government will sign off, but not promote.


Should you smoke here? It depends
Surely the most mismatched category of laws state-by-state across this bipolar land of ours are the marijuana statues. In some you may smoke without fear; in some, you must have a demonstrated ailment to avail yourself of a plant so easy to grow that it’s known as “weed”; in others, carrying so much as a few puffs’ worth of bud can get you thrown into prison, where you’ll share exercise equipment with rapists and serial arsonists.

This, at least, we know for sure: The TSA doesn’t give a flying bong rip about you taking small amounts of pot onto an airplane.


Should you smoke here? Most likely
Private, personal use of recreational marijuana in amounts 5 grams or less is decriminalized, meaning no jail time. It’s still illegal, as is cultivation and sale of marijuana, but there’s been a recent wave of momentum behind legalization as a means of defusing drug violence. I wouldn’t go out of your way to advertise what you’re doing, but you should be alright with a joint here and there.

central america
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Should you smoke here? Yes
In late 2017, the government of Belize was kind enough to decriminalize cannabis in amounts up to 10 grams. You can smoke it in your home, or someone else’s provided you’ve gotten explicit permission.


Should you smoke here? You may rely on it
Like with many places on this list, it’s technically illegal to smoke here but doing so carries no legal penalties. Smoking up is suuuper common here, and you can be pretty comfortable smoking out on the beach and so forth, not just in the privacy of your room.


Should you smoke here? Without a doubt
Weed’s been decriminalized in Jamaica since 2015, and if you happen to be Rastafarian you can use it unlimited quantities with no repercussions. I passed through a few weeks ago and within about a minute and a half of hitting the beach in broad daylight I was approached by strangers asking if I wanted to pick up. Even at music festivals that usually takes at least, like, four or five minutes.

south america
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Should you smoke here? It is decidedly so
In March 2017, Argentina laid claim to the title of First Woke Country to Provide Medical Marijuana For Free. And you won’t be arrested for recreational possession in Argentina, as has been the law there for nearly a decade.


Should you smoke here? Signs point to yes
For almost a decade, Colombia has enjoyed marijuana decriminalization of amounts up to 20 grams. It remains illegal to sell it or grow it, but the country’s wrenching history with the drug trade has given it perspective on how harmful marijuana is compared with other substances -- which is to say … not harmful … like at all. You can also grow up to 20 plants here, which because of the ideal climate conditions can apparently get fuckin’ huge.


Should you smoke here? Yes
Ecuador is one of the chiller countries when it comes to marijuana policy. While it’s still illegal to cultivate and sell it, when it comes to personal use you’re cool so long as you don’t exceed 10 grams.


Should you smoke here? Signs point to yes
Peru is cool if you smoke so long as you do it discreetly and don’t mess around with any growing or selling. In other words, just enjoy your grass at home (or someone else’s home, so long as they cool with it).


Should you smoke here? Without a doubt
First Woke Country to Legalize Weed for Ages 18 and Up. People here just gotta make sure they officially register with the government before they engage in any buying, selling, or growing. As of 2017, you can buy commercial grass in Uruguay from regular ol’ pharmacies. This is the future liberals want.

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Should you smoke here? You may rely on it
I love Cambodia for many reasons, but among them is that you can go out to a restaurant and see a dish or menu marked “Happy” and know that it’s likely been infused with something … fun. Weed is still illegal here, but it’s culturally accepted, ubiquitous, and cheap.


Should you smoke here? Signs point to yes
So, marijuana is illegal in Laos, but like … no one cares? The policy isn’t enforced, and you’ll find “happy” meals, so to speak, the same way you will in Cambodia. You might be better off trying to pick up in a hostel than on the street, but you’ll probably be okay. This is one of the most beautiful countries in southeast Asia, so find a nice patch of sunshine and enjoy.


Should you smoke here? Ask again later
This one’s messy. There are frequently reports that marijuana is fully legal in North Korea, but a lot of this comes from a lack of information in general -- i.e., not hearing anything about it not being legal to smoke, which is obviously not the same as smoking being legal. However, smoking ditchweed does seem to be prevalent and culturally accepted. Not that this has any implications for you personally because you’re not even thinking about going there, ya dummy.

western europe
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Should you smoke here? Signs point to yes
If you’re 18 or older, you can enjoy decriminalized marijuana in Belgium, provided the amount comes in at no more than 3 grams. Be discreet, which is to say don’t smoke in public.


Should you smoke here? Most likely
Sale and cultivation will get you in big trouble here, but possession of small amounts for personal use is a misdemeanor -- you could face a fine and potentially have identification documents like your passport suspended, but you won’t end up in jail. Italy has historically been a huge producer of cannabis, and the momentum to legalize these days is something powerful.


Should you smoke here? Yes
While weed has been legal to smoke in coffee shops in the Netherlands for decades, it’s been illegal to grow. But in 2017, a bill to partially legalize marijuana cultivation showed that the country may hopefully be headed for full legalization, which is excellent news for the many, many citizens who enjoy getting a little weird. Stick to the coffee shops maybe, but enjoy.


Should you smoke here? It is decidedly so
Portugal decriminalized drugs back in 2001. All drugs. Every drug there is. Instead of prison time, you might get slapped with a fine or -- wait for it -- substance-abuse treatment. This has been working exceptionally as a method of tackling opioid addiction, and hopefully the rest of the world will eventually take a bit more notice. Anyway, you’re clear to carry up to 25 grams at a time. Which should be … enough.


Should you smoke here? Without a doubt
In 2017, Spain’s famous smoking clubs -- of which there are hundreds -- became fully legalised in Catalonia, a northern region of the country. Even if you aren’t smoking in a club, you’re free to smoke on your own without fines or legal repercussions of any kind.


Should you smoke here? Yes
Possession of small amounts has been decriminalized, and there’s a push to get some cannabis clubs going. You can also grow up to four hemp plants here, if that’s your thing.

eastern europe
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Should you smoke here? Most likely
Personal use is decriminalized here, though I’d not try to fuck with selling anything, should that situation arise. Croatia’s coastline is one of the most beautiful regions of the world I’ve ever had the privilege to be tipsy in, and I look forward to going back as soon as possible to see the same places whilst high.


Should you smoke here? It is certain
Possession here is decriminalized for amounts up to 15 grams, which I assume is more than you plan to have on your person during this or any other trip. Medical usage, meanwhile, has been fully legal for five years, and the country has historically been pretty progressive around marijuana policy. It can be expensive -- most of what you’ll find here is imported -- but as long as you’re reasonable discreet about things (meaning just don’t, like, yell about it while waving a little plastic baggy around in public) you’re good to go.


Should you smoke here? Chances look good
There is a town in Estonia called Kanepi that just adopted a marijuana leaf as its official emblem. Like, it’s on the local Kanepi flag. Sale and cultivation are no-nos here, but personal use of amounts under 7.5 grams will be punished by fine -- no jail time. As you might have gathered, weed culture here runs deep.


Should you smoke here? Most likely
You might have expected something a bit more stringent from Russia, but the government has decriminalized grass in amounts up to 6 grams. The country recently allowed World Cup fans coming in from other countries to bring their medical marijuana. And, uh, their medical cocaine and medical heroin.


Should you smoke here? Most likely
No, weed is not fully legal here. But decriminalization means you can possess up to 5 grams or 10 plants, the first of which I’m assuming is more relevant to your trip but maybe you’ll be there a while, I dunno.

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Should you smoke here? Signs point to yes
Medical marijuana, of which Australia has been at the forefront in terms of research and commercialization, has been legal across the country for the last two years. While recreational marijuana is not, possession is decriminalized in most regions.

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