7 Ways To Celebrate 4/20 On Easter

Well, it's finally happened. Easter and 4/20 have fallen upon the same day. Now you have to make the choice between celebrating the rebirth of Jesus with your entire extended family, or celebrating the awesomeness of weed... or do you? Here's a thought: Do both! Successfully celebrating Easter and 4/20 at the same time doesn't have to be a delicate game of balance and skill à la Mrs. Doubtfire. It should be a joyous day where you get to go on Easter egg hunts, eat marshmallow Peeps, and get super blazed doing it. 

1. Don't stop smoking. 
We've never been one to condone the attendance of a religious service without the aid of an herbal sidekick — especially if you have the kind of parents that raise an eyebrow when you order a second bottle beer. Discretion is the name of the game with this stealthily-hidden vaporizer. Just make sure you have a backup story as to how you developed asthma so suddenly. 

2. Listen to some solid music.
To answer your question: no, it cannot be anything but reggae and/or first-wave ska. Sorry, but it's the equivalent of listening to thrash on Christmas... or Christmas music on Hanukkah. Try using this little collapsible speaker — it fits in your pocket and doesn't discriminate against your taste in music. 

3. Find the perfect sunglasses. 
It goes without saying that a nice pair of sunglasses is a necessity in the hiding-your-bloodshot-weed-eyes game. We've recently gotten way into Vint and York's Jazz Age sunglasses. It's like Risky Business-era Tom Cruise took a DeLorean back to 1925 and made sweet love to everybody in town. They're big and sexy and will provide a stylish, covert hiding spot for your eyeballs. 

4. Extend your weed game into the dessert realm. 
Hell, if you're going to go hard, make it delicious. Edibles are the easiest way to bypass that trademark pot-odor and get blasted out of your damn skull all at once. Sneak a batch into the oven while your mom's preparing Easter brunch. Or, protip: if you're a California resident, this awesome company called PharmaJanes will deliver some magic treats straight to your door.

5. Be covert... super covert. 
And, no, we're not talking about what a New Englander calls a giant sandwich. This portable weed grinder watch is such a spot-on James Bond way to take your party mobile. And it's only $25 — that's, like, half the price of a decent watch. 

6. Bring cologne — just in case. 
If you're expected to eat dinner with your family, you need to cover up that rank weed smell. Fulton & Roark makes a solid cologne that fits right in your pocket and smells like two unicorns tongue-kissing under a double rainbow.

7. Expand your horizons.
No one said you have to limit yourself to the green stuff. Have you tried smoking liquor? Since you've been smoking all day, you might as well keep it unified and consistant. Solidarity, brother. 

Jeremy Glass' Jewish heritage is like a Get Out of Jail Free card sometimes.