Age Your Whiskey 3 Years In 24 Hours

What separates the well-whiskey from the top shelf stuff? Basically, a ton of time and a wooden barrel. You probably have neither. Now, upstart Time & Oak from Portland, Oregon, is potentially upending an industry by eliminating the need for both of those things.

Using their patented Whiskey Elements—unique, wooden inserts with customized cut out slats—T&O will give your booze the flavors of a three-year aged whiskey in just 24 hours. Wait...what?

A traditional, wooden barrel works in two ways: the wood filters out chemicals that make your whiskey taste poorly, while also adding that earthy flavor you’ve come to know and love in your favorite amber spirit. A barrel is cut vertically, so the capillaries in the wood that do all that infusing and diffusing aren’t exposed.

By creating a custom insert with vertical and horizontal cuts, Whiskey Elements speed up the process and even add the ability to customize the flavor.

When tested against the good, top shelf stuff, Time and Oak’s treated well whiskey had a similar chemical make up, taste, and appearance to 10-year old, $100 bottles.

They call the process, “accelerated transpiration through capillary action,” and we call it “holy f*cking crap we’re never buying expensive whiskey again.” Each Element is designed for single use, and currently comes in vanilla, maple, oaky flavors with more on the way.

Mmmmmm, budget-friendly science. Tastes so sweet.

Ali Drucker is the editorial assistant for Supercompressor. This is bad news for her wooden barrel collection. Follow her on Twitter at @ali_drucker.