Another Smoking Benefit: Cigar Box Speakers

Initial thought: Owen & Fred Sweet Cigar Box Speakers probably smell a hell of a lot like your grandfather. Each one of these speakers is hand-made with a genuine cedar cigar box, filled with a 2.5-inch aluminum cone from Good Deed Audio, and tuned with a 3/4-inch port tube that makes them sound as awesome as they look. 

They combine the rustic vibes from the pre-iPhone days with the technologically-advanced musical splendor of the post-iPhone days using a stereo headphone jack and banging sound-system. 

Each cigar box comes with an internal 10-watt amplifier, cutting out the necessity of buying any sort of external amplification speaker.

Beautiful and autonomous? Hell yes. The sound quality gives you a loud, clean, and natural tone that your grandparents couldn't even begin to fathom back in nineteen-ought-six. 

While each one of the boxes maintains their original brass hardware, labels, and markings from yesteryear, they've been prettied-up and lacquered to perfection for a nice, clean addition to your table, desk, or penny-farthing. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and figured there was, at least, one benefit to cigar smoking aside from looking cool.