The Bluetooth Smart Cocktail Shaker Is A Mixologist's Cheat Sheet

They say we're about to enter the age of the Internet of Things where everything is connected—via Bluetooth and WiFi, duh—so why would the bar be off limits? The B4RM4N is a smart cocktail shaker that pairs with your phone via Bluetooth, helping you hone your cocktail skills.

After telling you what ingredients to extract, the B4RM4N shaker acts as its own measuring device. If you're making a Manhattan, the shaker's side LEDs will light up as you pour, telling you to stop when the lights reach the top. Do this for the whiskey and the sweet vermouth, put in the dash of bitters, and then shake. The shaker will tell you what kind of ice to toss in there, and it'll let you know when to stop shaking; it has a built-in accelerometer.

Being a piece of smart technology, it has a recipe creator so you can experiment and save—if it's good—or share on social media.

While the B4RM4N is probably a pretty useful tool, this could function like training wheels for the novice bartender. After a while, you might know the feel of the quantities by heart.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He likes Noel Coward's martini recipe: filling the glass with gin and waving it in the general direction of Italy.