Is The World Ready For Tom Green Beer?

Look, America; we get it. The nineties are a thing again and everyone's jumping at the chance to prove how vintage and rad they are. Born from that vacuous decade sandwiched between glorious synth-pop and upcycled pound signs was Tom Green — the Canadian guy who used to put his butt on stuff. Call it a retro revival or just a shift in interests, but The Tom Green Beer is now here and he's expecting everyone to put it in their mouths. 

The Canadian actor teamed up with (also Canadian) Beau's All Natural Brewing Company to concoct the 5% ABV malty milk stout. Beau's describes the taste as a chocolate and coffee body with "burnt caramel, and hints of nut(s)" — which sounds as delicious as that pun is hilariously accurate. But seriously, get yourself checked. 

Tom Green Beer will be made available all throughout Canada, and in select spots in America, starting November 1 through select breweries and online ordering. Put your bum on this beer. 

Jeremy Glass is a French electronic music duo consisting of musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter.