Belvedere Is, Apparently, James Bond's Favorite Vodka

Guys, it's official.

In preparation for the 24th film installment of the James Bond series, SPECTRE,  Belvedere Vodka has been chosen as 007's vodka of choice. Well done, Mr. Bond. We've been hooked on the stuff since our lips graced Belvedere's Unfiltered bottle—and that was all without having it shaken or stirred. 

As of now, the global release date for the film is tentatively November 6, 2015, so you should brush up on your Bond knowledge beforehand, because it's your right as a human being to be able to list every single Bond girl chronologically. 

You guys have heard of James Bond, right? He's that British spy who beds a lot of females. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and likes his martinis like he likes his women: garnished with olives?