The Whiskey Drinker's Vodka

One of the first things we learned in Drinking 101 was to never, ever mix your liquors—and definitely not in the same glass. Which sucks, especially when you're deep in the G&Ts at 8 p.m., but feel those margarita vibes coming on around 9 p.m. Why can't you have both, damnit!? So when we were introduced to Belvedere Unfiltered as the ultimate vodka for whiskey lovers, our ears perked up. 

This 40% ABV is made from Single Estate Dankowskie Diamond Rye vodka, distilled four times and left unfiltered to magnify the robust taste of the rye. As the company suggests, "some things are best left unfiltered," and we couldn't agree more. The smell is distinct with strong hints of bread and toasted nuts. The taste, like whiskey, remains present in the mouth after the sip is completed. It's creamy, smooth, complicated, and has a sweet and vaguely vanilla finish that'll last until next Tuesday—unless it's next Tuesday right now. 

Belvedere suggests drinking Unfiltered neat or with a splash of pear juice for an authentic Polish cocktail. We suggest going right from the bottle, but we're bad influences on society. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and would totally jump off a cliff if Milhouse did it first.