Berentzen's Apple Bourbon Is a Hot Date In Your Mouth

Berentzen's Bushel & Barrel is akin to biting into a crisp apple full of whiskey. Upon opening the bottle, the bourbon smell sets up camp in your nostrils and lights a warm fire full of flavor. The dutifully-aged 30% ABV spirit hits you with caramel and vanilla tones, and a warm oak finish. Apple and bourbon have, seemingly, just always belonged together. Like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. 

The Kentucky bourbon is distilled and aged to perfection before it's blended with authentic Berentzen liqueur. It's made from 100% genuine apple juice and goes wonderfully with ginger beer or poured over ice. Why has it taken so long for apple juice to muster up the courage to go steady with bourbon?

Jeremy Glass has no idea what he just wrote, but his mouth is in heaven. Follow his crap on Twitter: @CandyandPizza