33 Vintage Print Ads From the 1960s Mad Men

As Mad Men illustrated, the 1960s was not a golden age for the workplace. It was, however, quite the moment for print ads, which could step up their game thanks to the fast-moving technology it was trumpeting and changing times.

Looking back at what the Sterling Cooper era produced shows a stark comparison with today. While it's great that today's ads are less objectionable, it's hard not to pour a small glass of Canadian Club for those print classics.

Here's 33 from the archives. Don't worry, it's VW heavy.

1. Ford

2. Gulf

3. Tide

4. Chevron Seat Belts

5. Kentucky Tavern Whisky

6. Plymouth

7. Cadillac

8. Timex

9. Ford Mustang

10. Volkswagen

11. Esso

12. Johnson Boats

13. Ford

14. Silva Thins

15. Cadillac

16. Western Electric Phone TV

17. 911

18. Frigidaire

19. Ford Falcon Sprint

20. Pontiac

21. Volkswagen

22. Smith Corona

23. Tudor Electric Football 

24. Kodak Instamatic

25. Volkswagen

26. Konica

27. Schlitz

28. Jim Beam

29. Volkswagen

30. Royal Crown Cola

31. Westinghouse

32. Bulova Accutron

Ethan Wolff-Mann is the Deputy Editor at Supercompressor. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.