10 Bottles Of Rosé You Should Be Drinking By The Pool This Summer

It's summer, people...unless you're reading this late, then...sorry. Anyway, the weather's warm, the pool's open, and the almighty Sun God™ is practically begging you to step outside of the office and take a load off. Summer is for the lightest of the alcohol drinks: your G&T, your shandy, the Radler, and a sweet bottle of rosé to top it all off.

With the help of a few of our sommelier friends, Patrick Cappiello of Rebelle and sommelier-at-large Alexander Clifford, we got the inside scoop of the best rosés you should be drinking before the clouds crap snow all over us again. Appease the Sun God™ and drink!

Ameztoi Getariako Txakolina Rubentis Rosé 

Origins: El País Vasco, Spain

Alexander Clifford: "This is a basque rosé, slightly sparking, with great mineral flavors and a hint of jalapeño...seriously. There's a super low alcohol content, so it's perfect for a beach afternoon. Bring a bottle a person—it's that chuggable."

Francois Cotat Sancerre Rosé

Origins: Loire Valley, France 

Patrick Cappiello: "One of the hardest to find rosés made on the planet, but it's well worth the search."

Domaine Tempier Bandol Rosé

Origins: Provence, France 

PC: "Domaine Tempier Bandol Rosé is arguably the most famous rosé in the south of France. Best thing is, though, it definitely lives up to the hype!"

Lieu Dit Rose 

Origins: Santa Ynez, California 

PC: "This is a young up-and-comer that's starting to produce serious, yet approachable, wines."

Edmunds St. John Bone-Jolly Gamay Rosé

Origins: El Dorado County, California

PC: "This is an old-school west coast family-run domaine. Fresh, bright, and fruity."

Chateau Verez Cuvée des Dames Rose

Origins: Provence, France 
Price: $93

PC: "Classic summer time quencher and it's also available in a five-liter bag-in-a-box!"

Domaine de Gioielli Vin de Pays de l'Île de Beauté Rosé

Origins: Corsica, France
Price: Varied

AC: "Made of native Corsican varietals, this is a higher-end rosé meant to be sipped with dinner. It's a tiny estate farmed by a single man, and it had never been exported to the United State until Kermit Lynch found it. Tart fruit flavors, coastal terroir, and a touch of honey. F*cking awesome."

Louis Roederer Cristal Rose Brut Millesime

Origins: Champagne France 
Price: $519

PC: "If money is no object, you've got to go for this legendary rosé. Bonus: it also includes bubbles."

Underwood Rosé Wine

Origins: Willamette Valley, Oregon 

Jeremy Glass: "I'm not what you call a 'rosé master' by any means. However I was sent a big bottle of this stuff last week and, after a SNAFU where I accidentally left it overnight in the freezer, I thoroughly enjoyed every last drop. This rosé is a tantalizing blend of Pinot Gris, Syrah, and Pinot Noir made with fruit from around Oregon. I find myself craving this delicious rosé like a vampire at a blood bank. It's available in can-form, too! Hallelujah! 

WattsUp Rosé

Origin: ​Rioja, Spain

JG: We didn't think it was possible to capture the subliminal beachside vibes of summer so perfectly, but this 12.5% ABV rosé makes it happen. A balanced amalgamation of strawberry, watermelon, and rose water serves as a much-needed reminder that not all pink drinks have to give you the spins.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and, you're gonna like the way you feel—he guarantees it.

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