We Smoked 4 Vaporizers And Ranked Them All...For Pleasure

How do you take your weed? Smoked from a glass pipe? Wrapped up in paper and mixed with tobacco? From an e-cigarette that bumps tunes? Inhaled via a phallic tube that rhymes with "dong"? If you're the kind of dude who vapes, you know that not all vaporizers are created equal. Some have the presence and bulkiness of Jon Hamm's excruciating member, while others are perfect for escaping that painful family dinner with discretion. 

To help you choose, we tried a bunch of vapes and reviewed them. You're welcome. Can someone help me find my hands? I seem to have misplaced them.

4. The Indica Vaporizer 

Price: $199
Design: Obviously, this thing is designed to look like a giant Zippo. While it carries the same convenience and ease of a Zippo, it'll surely warrant some questions along the lines of, "Hey, are you smoking out of a giant Zippo?" The small chamber on the bottom holds 0.31 grams of herb and its processor allows complete temperature control. 
Portability: â€‹The Indica is as portable and discreet as the lighter it so successfully imitates. Stick it in your pocket and you'll hardly notice it's there—unless you've just used it, in which case it's a little warm to the touch. Well, so is a lighter.
Strength: Oh boy, what a hoot. It's a bit tough to gauge the strength of a vape session based on the herb used—so either the Indica works really well or there's a really friendly dealer in Manhattan dolin' out the good stuff. However, the pull you get is a little rougher as compared to the Pax. 
Conclusion: For the price, you could probably spring for a more traditional vape, but this one is just really fun to open and close—then again, you could just buy a Zippo. 

3. Kandypens K-Vape

Price: $119
Design: The sleek, matte black finish of the K-vape makes it a sharp-looking, if not slightly-sinister, addition to your collection. If Darth Vader used a vape, he’d stash this one in his Death Star.
Portability: It’s not the smallest of the lot, but could definitely still fit it with ease into a coat or jacket pocket. The body is constructed of two interlocking pieces, so you won’t need to worry about missing parts when you’re on the go.
Strength: Without pulling hard, you get strong hits that won’t produce a ton of visible vapor, but will get the job done in a serious way. And then some.
Conclusion: In order to turn this sucker on or off, you need to press the button five times in quick succession, which may be hard to remember if you’ve been smoking too much “dried herbal material.” Other than that, the K-Vape produces powerful hits that are silky smooth.

2. V2 Pro Series 7

Price: $149 
Design: On first glance, it could easily be confused for a Pax, but that isn’t a bad thing. The V2 is remarkably simple to operate and comes with two separate cartridges for e-liquid and loose leaf, respectively. The whole rig is operated by a single button, so it’s really hard to mess it up.
Portability: 10/10. The unit easily fits in pockets, purses, shoes (if you’re into that), and fanny packs. It also stays cool to the touch, so you can pack it away quickly if the situation calls for it.
Strength: Probably around a Duane “The Rock” Johnson. It has three settings for “low,” “medium,” and “high” temps. Medium to high definitely pulls the hardest. Do you smell what the P2 is cookin?!
Conclusion: A great and affordable option that’s touted as the “top-performing loose leaf vaporizer on the market.” The simplicity and user-friendliness are only eclipsed by the vape’s price point and versatility. Bring it out or leave it at home, it’s the Peoples’ Champ after all.

1. Pax 2

Price: $279.99
Design: Sleek as hell and looking as if Jony Ive himself designed it, it's the Apple of the vape world. Slick, strong, and super easy to use—probably why it doesn’t come with an instruction manual.
Portability: The Pax 2 is so small, it can almost be enclosed in one fist—unless you have freakishly tiny elf hands. That being said, it's possibly the most discreet option out there. Moms would probably assume it's an old iPod nano or a thick sharpie...which is great to know if you still live with your mom.
Strength: Pax 2 produces extremely strong pulls—probably producing the most vapor from any portable option. Needless to say, it's the kind of vape that'll get you blazed with a lowercase "b" and exclamation point at the end.
Conclusion: It’s pricey, but absolutely worth it if you want a quality vaporizer that’s strong, discreet, and completely idiot-proof. Compared to the first Pax, it's definitely as good, just a bit more sleek.

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