6 Tumblers You Should Drink From Before Summer's Over

Well, folks, it seems as though summer is close to ending. The fall is upon us, which will inevitably lead to winter and eventually death. So why not celebrate the last days of paradise with a big-ass beer?! We've assembled a list of six handsome tumblers that'll make you feel as stylish as your drink is chilly. Drink up, people, the big chill is upon us. 

"Get beer, get drunk, f**k sh*t up." — Eleanor Roosevelt

1.Seamless Steadfast Tall Enamel Tumblers - $36
It's hard to find an enamel tumbler that doesn't look like a piece of dental equipment, but Best Made makes it happen. Made by legendary WWII-era European enamelware maker, these guys are smooth to the touch and perfect for keeping your brew chilly. 

2. MAKR Tall Tumbler - $28
Whether you want a Moscow Mule or just an icy, non-alcoholic drink to escape the summer heat, the Tall Tumbler is the way to go. Liquid stored in copper vessels gains an essential micronutrient that has been proven to stimulate the brain, promote bone strength, and aid in digestion. Uh, yes please. 


3. Bodum So Long Beer Tumbler - $12.95
Made of borosilicate, the Bodum So Long Beer Tumblers are impervious to the clouding and grimy effects of dishwashers and manly as all hell. They're cheap, effective, lightweight, and look damn good sitting in your hand. 

4. Miir Tall Boy Pint Cup - $12
One of our biggest issues with extraneous beer vessels is how unnatural they feel in the hand—that's what she said—but Miir's Tall Boy Pint is shaped exactly like everyone's favorite brew vessel, the tall boy. It's 16 ounces of pure, medical-grade stainless steel that'll keep your beer ice cold without feeling like you're holding Lex Steel's...leg. 

5.  Stainless LUX Brilliant Stainless Steel Pub Glass - $10
The world "brilliant" is right there in the title, people. The tulip-shaped body improves grip and strength, while the stainless steel is BPA-free and economically sound—plus it looks like something Marty McFly would've sipped out of in 2015.  

6. Toyo Sasaki HS Stackable Glass Tumbler - $6
You've really got to give it to the Japanese for their militant ingenuity and design. More durable than typical glasses, these stackable tumblers are, well, stackable obviously, but they're also the industry standard for the foodservice and hospitality sectors in Japan. That's a good sign right there. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and prefers sipping his beer out of a gentleman's hat.