The Executive Stash Box

Published On 04/07/2015 Published On 04/07/2015

One of the biggest misconceptions perpetuated by television is that every stoner keeps their stash in a little cigar box underneath their bed. That's not entirely untrue, but there's no reason you should adhere to that stereotype. Now that you're an adult and you can smoke whatever you want however you want it, why not use an executive stash box that fits your grown-up lifestyle? 

The Black Rock smell-proof travel case is the sleekest way to carry your stash and look classy doing so.


Coming in at just over three ounces, this ultra-slim, lightweight ethylene vinyl case contains a unique internal strap system that allows customers to securely carry joints, blunts, pipes, lighters, and vapes on their person with total ease.


All of this for $49.99? Suck on that, D.A.R.E. 



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