The Devil's favorite Scotch

Published On 11/14/2013 Published On 11/14/2013

This sinful batch of whisky comes from Islay, the southernmost of the Inner Hebridean Islands off the west coast of Scotland, and has the telltale peat-y smokiness to show for it. Behind a foggy curtain of that island signature, Bowmore's The Devil's Cask coats the inside of your mouth with a welcomed velvet-like Sherry as, in fact, it was aged in a Sherry cask. Fable says that a wayward demon was chased out of town into the distillery where warehousemen were filling casks through which he sneakily escaped, hence the name. However the legend goes, and whatever you choose to believe, the 56.9% ABV will have you doing the Prince of Darkness's biddings two glasses in. God-fearing or not, it's one hell of an after-dinner Scotch.