Breaking Bad Released A Vodka Because It's Legal And Meth Isn't

Breaking Bad has been over for just about two years now, but the merchandise spawned from this expertly-crafted series suggests that it'll never go away. Following suit with Breaking Bad-emblazoned posters, pacifiers, and tampons, is a new line of limited-edition bottles from Blue Ice Vodka, aptly-named Heisenberg

Sony Pictures Television and 21st Century Spirits have teamed up with Blue Ice Vodka to release three limited-edition bottles: "Tread Lightly," "Say My Name," and "The One Who Knocks." Get it? All famous lines from Breaking Bad! Interestingly enough, Blue Ice Vodka also has roots in Idaho, which is where Aaron Paul was born. 

​Also, roots! Like a potato! This vodka is made from Idaho Russet potatoes! Is the Illuminati behind this sh*t?

The timing couldn't be better, either, considering Breaking Bad: The Official Book was just released, which covers the entire show from the pilot to Felina.

So, with this booze, let us remember Breaking Bad for what it was: an incredible piece of television history that spawned every piece of merchandise known to man. 

Still, $27 isn't so bad for a nice vodka. FWIW, the bottle is blue, not the vodka—but you know what's cheap? Kool-Aid. OH YAAAAAAH

Also, you can get 10 percent off your bottle of Heisenberg on ReserveBar when you enter the code: SUPER

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