British People Turned My Face Into a Cake

When I originally set out to write about the insanely talented chefs at Tattooed Bakers, my focus switched from their ridiculously awesome unicorn cake to a little button on the bottom of their website that said "drop us a line and we will make you something awesome!" Naturally, I reached out to them and asked them to make a cake of my face. They said yes. So here are some pictures of my face as a cake. 

The similarities are striking and delicious. They captured my hipster glasses and large nose with sweet, delicious accuracy. 

Inside the brain of every nice young man is a red velvet cake. 

Even though I look like the demonic lovechild of Larry King and Bret Easton Ellis, they did a remarkable job. It's almost the exact same plot as The Terminator — except, instead of having a bone-crushing metallic skeleton inside of me, I'm filled with cake. 

Jeremy Glass' parents are legitimately cake-makers, but refused to make a cake that looked like him.