Brush Your Teeth With Chocolate Toothpaste

Hear that, childhood-version-of-you? Chocolate! Sure, Theodent's luxurious chocolate toothpaste is specifically marketed for kids, but that certainly shouldn't stop adults from getting their greasy little fingers all over this tube of oral perfection. 

Apparently, children typically ingest anywhere from 30% to 75% of toothpaste while brushing. While we think that making toothpaste the color and consistency of chocolate isn't exactly going to help this problem, we're glad to see that this luxury toothpaste brand knows their audience. Bonus: Theodent is fluoride-free and completely non-toxic — so the little bastards are going to live! 

All the delicious toothpaste you can eat without any of the adverse effects. If anyone knows of a company that's in the process of trying out Taco Bell-flavored toothpaste, please give us a call. 

Jeremy Glass knew his toothpaste-eating days weren't over.