The burrito vending machine

Now available in LA but (hopefully) coming soon to a gas station and living room near you: the Burritobox, the world's first automated burrito kiosk. While some of the details of this automated godsend are shrouded in mystery/gooey queso and wrapped inside a tortilla, it's safe to say all other vending machines need to up their game. It's even kinda healthy(ish) — none of the meat has any hormones or antibiotics added, and the breakfast burritos have cage-free eggs. 

Happen to be near the Mobil gas station (where it's currently located) in West Hollywood? Desperately need to try it out? It's simple enough:

1. Choose a burrito.
2. Pick a side.
3. Watch a music video... ?
4. Grab a hot burrito.
5. Profit, or eat your profit.