Chill Catnip Joints For Chill Cats

Aren’t cats the best?! They’re happy, loyal, quick-witted, and cute. Yes, these squishy little discount-puppies are, indeed, man’s second-best friend. To ease the pain of buying a cat only because they were out of dogs, a nice company out in Texas called Stark Raving Cat—whose only fault is loving felines too much—has created Catnip Joints to chill your cat out and let you reevaluate your choices in domestic animals. 

They're exactly what you think: 100% pure, premium catnip that’s rolled up and sealed in a cloth wrapper. Yessir, these little cloth treats are officially the only way to make living with a cat remotely bearable. 

Nepeta cataria, more commonly known as catnip, contains a feline attractant called nepetalactone, which binds to your cat’s olfactory receptors and literally makes them go batsh*t insane for about 10 minutes. The joints are all hand-rolled in the USA and make a wonderful gift for that special someone in your life who has given up enough to get excited by catnip joints. 

Fun fact: even larger felines like leopards, tigers, and lynxes can be affected by catnip, while lions typically are immune to the plant's bizarre powers.

Hmm—actually, that fact wasn't nearly as fun when it was all written out. Oh well, nobody's purr-fect.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and his cat once sneezed on his ex-girlfriend's head. They're both dead now. Just kidding, the ex is probably still alive.