The $29 Tequila That Can Play With The Big Boys

People have this weird complex when it comes to tequila. When they were in college, they probably took down a ton of Cuervo Gold, and claim to do crazy/awful/amazing things when under the influence of the agave ambrosia. But even though no Mexican would consider Cuervo Gold a tequila (it is not 100 percent agave, like the wonderful Cuervo Tradicional)  it's probably not the drink's fault — it's yours for being bad at being responsible. Recently, more and more people have begun to understand that tequila isn't just an intoxicant, but a spirit worthy of a place next to scotch and bourbon. But since you may not know as much about tequila as you do whiskey, you might not know exactly where you start getting diminishing returns. The answer is Cazadores Reposado.

Somehow, this phenomenal tequila is still priced as low as around $29 while consistently getting rave reviews on par with what many consider some of the finest. Obviously made with 100 percent blue agave, it has the taste of a pretty classic reposado. When I asked a 55-year-old Tapatío friend of mine to describe Cazadores, he just made a noise while he paused to recall the taste, then looked me in the eye and said, "Es un buen tequila."

Now please enjoy this spectacularly low budget Spanish language video from the source.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is the Gear editor of Supercompressor. Ha tomado mucho tequila fino en su vida. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.