Shiner Made A Chocolate Birthday Beer

America's relationship with Texas is kind of like George and Lennie's from Of Mice and Men—we're the logical ones and they're the gentle giant who might just kill your favorite puppy by accident. Allusions aside, our favorite southern state is a shining beacon of innovation and has produced some supremely rad and tasty treats: the snow cone, margaritas, Dr Pepper, and Shiner beer.

To celebrate 106 years of brewing, Shiner has released a chocolate stout Birthday Beer that will make you even more thankful that Texas hasn't yet seceded from the continental United States—yet. After all, the South might rise again...but it probably won't. 

The 5% ABV special edition stout is a soft and creamy tribute to the hardworking Czech and German immigrants who founded the brewery in the aptly-named town of Shiner back in the pre-Tinder year of 1909.

Not only has the brewery been open for over a century, but every drop of Shiner is still brewed exclusively in the tiny Texas town. These guys send out over six million cases of beer across the country every year. Six million. What have you done with your life? 

As far as taste, the tantalizing chocolate aroma camps out in your nose while the malty-sweet finish makes the Birthday Beer extremely easy on the tongue, mouth, teeth, gums, throat, esophagus, stomach—and everything in between. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and his favorite fact about Texas is that it's not Florida.