Chill Your Whiskey With A Bullet

Destroying room temperature beverages one glass at a time is the Whiskey Bullet, the stainless steel ammo your Scotch has been begging for.

Say hello to your little friend.

To unleash their maximum firepower, chill your bullets for four hours before placing them in your booze of choice. Unlike ice cubes, whiskey bullets will keep things cool without melting and watering down your drink. Unlike lead bullets, they will not poison you.

A set of six will set you back $44.99, which is stylishly presented in a matte-black case. Just be careful at airport security. You don't want to get on this list.

The makers recommend one bullet per ounce of liquor, which will faithfully stand guard at the bottom of your glass, warding off potential drink poachers and Democrats alike.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. Whiskey is the way to her heart. And every other part, for that matter. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.