Coffee Aged In Whiskey Barrels

Despite the continuous concerns shared by the wives of the veteran coffeemakers at Whiskey Barrel Coffee, two years of experimentation and batch testing has paid off with the release of this whiskey barrel-aged coffee. Far from the amateur experiments that, uh, some people conduct in the comfort of their own kitchens, this coffee is a bold cornucopia of flavors that has been aged to perfection in actual whiskey barrels.

Each batch is wax-sealed in a whiskey bottle and, once brewed, hits your tongue with dark characters of cacao, charred oak, and mesquite honey and finishes with the smokey taste of bourbon. There's nothing amateur about this boozy concoction and, with zero alcohol content, this is the kind of coffee you could feed to your noisy little kids. Actually... don't do that.

Jeremy Glass is a coffee-loving son of a gun with a heart of gold and the eyes of a tiger.