Um, Cow's milk Vodka is a thing now?

Black Cow's Pure Milk Vodka is made entirely from the milk of grass-grazed cows on a little farm within the town of West Dorset, England. The dairy farmer/vodka lover behind Black Cow decided to experiment with the age-old distilling method after learning about the Tuva, (a Siberian nomadic tribe who happened to live near Tunguska) who've been distilling vodka made from fermented mares’ milk for centuries. 

The 40% ABV vodka is made by separating the cow's milk into curds and whey. The whey is then fermented into beer with a special yeast that converts the milk sugar into alcohol — then the milk beer is distilled, blended, and triple filtered, which produces 300 bottles of the concoction. The taste has been described as creamy, sweet, and smooth, with hints of cinnamon and vanilla... really makes you wonder how it'd taste if the milk came from a different source.