This Robotic Bartender Pours Custom Cocktails In Under 5 Seconds

Yes, you read that correctly. Five seconds is all it takes to craft a fully-automated, fully delicious cocktail with Somabar. Revolutionizing your, "I think I maybe know how to make a Manhattan?" bar-tending skills, Somabar has a unique pod system of ingredients that simplifies the process, giving you expert libations every time.

Bottoms up.

What separates Somabar from the ever-growing pack of cocktail-creating, app-equipped barware are the refillable pods attached to the side of the machine. They're completely air-tight, so you can rotate them out from refrigerator to bar as your mood strikes. Fill one of the six chambers with vermouth, bitters, vodka, or whatever tickles your boozy fancy, and the accompanying app will whip it up with the touch of a button. Then just put them back in the fridge when you're done.

Using "fluid dynamics" and "kinetic energy," Somabar will mix up your drink, precisely balancing the ingredients. That sounds confusing, but the end result is a truly smart piece of machinery that can even clean up after itself. Seriously, Somabar flushes itself with water after each drink, so the flavors don't mix from use to use.

The app can currently produce over 200 different cocktails, or recommend a drink to you based on ingredients you have in your home. Still on Kickstarter but imminently approaching its goal funding, you can pre-order yours now for $399, or wait until July of 2015 and buy it for $699. Cheers!

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. But actually, how DO you make a Manhattan? Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.