Snoop Dogg Is Bringing Brazilian Liquor Stateside, Just In Time For Summer

Published On 04/30/2015 Published On 04/30/2015
Cuca fresca
Cuca Fresca

When it comes to celebrating life, having fun, and getting a, weird....there are few authorities I'd trust more with my revelry than Snoop Dogg. 

That's why his brand of Brazilian liquor might have you more excited than Ronaldo at a kickball tournament. Introduce yourself to Cuca Fresca, a premium cachaƧa (pronounced Ka-CHA-sah) that comes with an official seal of approval from the D-oh-double-G himself. Consider me sold. And really, really, chilled out. 

Cuca Fresca

CachaƧa, Brazil's most celebrated spirit, captured Snoop's heart while he was filming the video for "Beautiful" in 2003 with Pharrell, where he developed a strong affinity for the country, and a connection with its people. 

So snagging a stake in Cuca Fresca, a cachaƧa brand that has decades of experience, was a perfect business venture for the ever-ambitious Snoop. Even the name, "cuca fresca," is a common expression meaning "to have a chill vibe." That pretty much puts it directly in Mr. Doggs' wheelhouse

CachaƧa is made from sugar cane, and packs a serious, 80 proof punch. Aside from the classic cocktail Caipirinha, which is practically ubiquitous with cachaƧa (Cuca Fresca even makes a pre-bottled version), its sweet, fruity taste lends itself to a number of tropically-themed cocktails. Like the aptly named Cranberry Blaze.

I told you Snoop would approve. 



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