Cuddlr: Tinder For Cuddling

An act that's typically reserved for an afterthought of the salacious act that is the one-night stand has become the focal point of a new "dating" app, called Cuddlr. If you can't work with context clues and become easily confused by companies that purposely leave out vowels in their name, Cuddlr is a location-based, social-meeting service that connects people who love cuddling...because, the Internet. 

What separates Cuddlr from everything else out there is the idea of "no-pressure intimacy"—the act of being intimate with a person without any body parts getting inserted into other body parts.

The app also addresses the issue of safety by showing real-time walking directions of the person you choose to cuddle, along with the ability to report and ban a user if they become too handsy. 

Naturally, one has to be wary that this crazy, perverted world will take advantage of such a friendly app and use it for the means of *gasp* dirty consensual sex! The website encourages users "to consider cuddling with people who you wouldn't date, sleep with, or even find attractive."

Because sexual harassment can't happen between two ugly people? Huh, fair enough. Just remember, people, it takes two to cuddle—so make sure everyone's on the same page and wear a condom just in case, all the time. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and makes a dynamite little spoon.