Cutty Sark's Prohibition Scotch Is The Greatest Thing Since The End of Prohibition

Millennials have it made—fast Internet, air conditioned pants, brain-expanding drugs, and absolutely zero restrictions on alcohol...aside from that whole "you have to be 21 thing." Cutty Sark pays tribute to the dark days of drinking with their new Prohibition Edition Blended Scotch Whisky. This stuff has been handcrafted in Scotland since 1923—and when a Scotsman hands you something to drink, you shut your damn mouth and drink it.

Originally launched on the 80th anniversary of the abolishment of Prohibition, this Scotch gives a nod to the style of liquids consumed during the '20s with the black opaque bottle design and cork seal. Finally, a way to drink a bottle of booze from the twenties without the price tag or chance of botulism. 

Cutty Sark's master blender goes on to say, "This blend is created with exact precision as Captain McCoy himself would approve to celebrate the 80th anniversary of such a significant era." And, after sipping this 100 proof Scotch for a night, we couldn't be more excited that it's not against the law to do so.

The flavor is absolutely wild. It's smoky and robust, with hints of vanilla and spice. It doesn't have as much bite as it does to spicy exotic sass—Prohibition Edition is the alcoholic equivalent to Rosie Perez or Niles from Frasier...or Frasier from Frasier.

Really, you can pull out any character from Frasier and call them sassy. Remember Roz? That girl just sweat bad vibes. Anyway, drink this whisky or die.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor, but wishes he was the anything editor for Frasier.