Black Vodka For Your Black Soul

It only takes the extract from a wild East African shrub called catechu to turn Blavod vodka from its normal colorless state to the pitch black color that graces the lips of those brave enough to drink this 37.5% ABV spirit. While the herb itself doesn't actually change the taste of the spirit, one has to assume that it's somewhat unsettling to sip a beverage that's so famously devoid of color. Sometimes change is good, though — look at, uh... Crystal Pepsi

Many claim that the addition of the catechu herb makes the vodka distinctly smoother. Hey, anything to make vodka go down easier ā€” just make sure you don't go too hard, because not remembering why you're vomiting up black can really ruin a Sunday morning. 

Jeremy Glass, much like a frog, vomits out his entire stomach when he's feeling ill. Ladies love it. Guys do, too.